Buffalo Lake Management Plan

Buffalo Lake is unique in Alberta. This shallow lake is a managed water body in which water levels are maintained within a specified range to minimize the impacts of water level fluctuations.

Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreline Management Plan

The Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan (BLISMP) provides direction for managing the water management right-of-way (ROW) which surrounds Buffalo Lake and the emergent vegetation found within the lake’s littoral zone (up to 100 metres from the bank).

The plan outlines how public land and natural resources in the planning area will be managed to achieve provincial government objectives while recognizing the interests and needs of local authorities, residents and lake users.

BLISMP addresses a number of existing and anticipated resource management challenges that have been identified within the planning area. It is important to note adjacent private land is not addressed in this plan and BLISMP is not a lake management plan.

To view the section maps for BLISMP, download the zip file:

Why the Plan was Developed

The need for a lakeshore plan at Buffalo Lake emerged when the Government of Alberta established a water management ROW around the lake as part of the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project. This water management project was undertaken to:

  • Stabilize water levels in Buffalo Lake – thereby improving its recreational potential
  • Provide a reliable water supply for the villages of Mirror and Alix
  • Enhance fish and wildlife habitat and
  • Provide agricultural flood control

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