Alberta's Airshed Zones

Air quality varies from region to region and Alberta has adopted a flexible approach to monitoring and managing air quality. To do this, nine airshed zones have been established to date. Each is managed by an independent, non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that works in collaboration with the Government of Alberta to monitor air quality within a geographic area. Local governments, industry, environmental organizations and the general public are common participating stakeholders. The Clean Air Strategic Alliance also plays a role in endorsing airshed zones and providing other support.

Most airshed zones operate regional ambient air quality monitoring stations and contribute to the management of air quality through education and special projects. Airsheds have also played a lead role in the development and implementation of air quality management plans that were needed under the CASA Particulate Matter and Ozone Management Framework.

More information on specific airshed zones is available on their individual websites.


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Updated: Jan 15, 2014